Functional Rehabilitation

What is Functional Rehabilitation?


Rehabilitation assists in restoring health, function and strength to the body in cases such as; immediately after a new injury or after prolonged chronic postural change due to degeneration.

Many overuse or repetitive strain injuries can be traced to an imbalance in the body, The body works as a unit and as such when there is additional stress or overwork in one area, there is another area that is weakening over time. The imbalance can eventually lead to pain or worse yet, an even more serious and irreversible condition. These weak links in the body-chain are addressed during the rehabilitative phase of your care plan and an individualized program is administered specific to your needs.


Why is Rehabilitation Good for You?


Rehabilitation to your body will balance strength with flexibility and facilitate proper body-movement(biomechanics) and function. Emphasis will be placed on assessing core body strength and awareness. All exercises prescribed will be suited to individual patients’ need and progressive in nature.

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