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Jogging is one of the most common exercises we use to get fit. So especially if you’ve set your New Year Resolution for 2018 to be getting fit, jogging would be one of the exercise you got to do to burn those fats away.

When doing the exercise, the legs do most of the work. Of course your arms will be in motion and your waist will be twisted left and right, but the most stress are in parts of the legs.

Common issues faced by runners are:

Plantar Fasciitis – Swelling of the ligament between your toes and heel

Achilles Tendon or Calf injury

Runner’s Knee – Inflammation of tendons in the knee

Iliotibial Band Syndrome – Swelling and thickening of the outer muscle between the hip and the knee

To prevent injury to these parts, it is usually advisable to do warm ups before and cool downs after jogging. Stretching the tendons, the ligaments and the muscles. Also not pushing yourself too hard, but giving your body time to heal and recover from each run would also prevent developing injury overtime.

Should an injury develop an initial treatment can be done. This is by compressing ice to the inflamed area and elevating the leg for a period of time. Anti-inflammatory medications can than be applied to the affected area. Although it would be best to apply medication recommended by a health care profession and not use over the counter medications.

Chiropractic treatment and advise from a chiropractor can further prevent and treat injuries caused by jogging. Some injury, inflammation or swelling of joints are not felt until they become very serious and painful. A chiropractor can release the pressure on the parts by chiropractic treatments; recommend exercises to reduce the problem and correct postural deviations, which cause stress when running. They can also recommend diets to improve your recovery from jogging.

I’m presently jogging frequently and going to a chiropractor for maintenance. Enjoy your run.



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Dr Melisa Hon

B. Sc (Chiro) B. Chiropractic (Australia)

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