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What’s wrong here?

What’s wrong here?

A lot of us spend much of our time on our hand phones. This phenomenon only happened 10 years ago when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world on 9th January 2007, “IPod. Phone. Internet.” he said. Since then it is no surprise seeing people having their eyes glued to their phones wherever we go.

What’s wrong here, in this photograph? If you ask a socialist, he will tell you that three people sitting next to each other should be talking to each other of their surrounding, enjoying life and each other. Well, that would be normal 10 years ago. Now our attention is not what is around us any more, our focus can be on anything that we want our attention to be, even if it’s on the other side of the planet.

What would a chiropractor say? Posture stress, causing chronic spine damage (subluxations) and muscle tension, simply called “text neck”. What if we continue subjecting the spine to this? Firstly, our posture gets affected, than gradually symptoms like headaches, migraines, neck pain and shoulder stiffness develops. You’ll start feeling lethargic and your immune systems get affected.

Besides reading our smart phones, a lot of other activities contribute to the strain in your neck. Working long hours at a desk and reading in the same posture for long also contribute to the strain in our neck. So what can we do to reduce the symptoms?

Firstly visiting a chiropractor to get adjusted will reduce the symptoms and improve the spine. Secondly following the advice of a chiropractor to frequently do posture exercises and stretches. Lastly being aware of the habits that strain your neck and avoiding them. You don’t have to read everything on your hand phone; in fact most of the things can be read on a desktop with the screen placed only slightly lower than your eye level. Taking frequent breaks to walk around and do other things after spending time (half an hour to an hour) at the desk or reading.

I’m getting a headache typing about this, must be Intern’s Syndrome. I’ll go see my chiropractor now. Good day.



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Dr Melisa Hon

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