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Chiropractic Care and Exercises

Chiropractic Care and Exercises

Some of us were introduced to chiropractic because we wanted to improve our health and fitness, while the rest of us were introduced to chiropractic wanting to look for a solution to some problem in the back or spine. When consulting a chiropractor, besides receiving treatment or maintenance, one of the things they would also recommend are exercises.

Most of us are very busy. We go to work before the sun rises and come back long after the sunsets. We already put aside our precious time to see a chiropractor. Why should we exercise? Some of us are already doing exercise like playing sports. Why should we follow the exercises recommended by the chiropractors?

Lets look at some of the benefits of chiropractic exercises.

  1. Improve posture faster
  2. Speed up healing process
  3. Reduce pain, stiffness and injury
  4. Increase the spines and joints flexibility and strength
  5. Overcome fear of activities which resulted in pain
  6. Achieve fitness goals faster
  7. Benefit more from each chiropractic adjustment
  8. Maintain the well being of the body

The types of exercises recommended might be different for each individual and changes according to your capability and the areas that need to be worked upon. The set of exercises usually consist of just 15 minutes or less and can be done whenever you are free. These exercises does not require you to go to a gym, they can be simply done in an open space in the office or at home. The chiropractor would usually recommend doing these exercises as a warm up before you play a sport or do more strenuous exercises. Otherwise just do it as a daily exercise 5 days a week to maintain your spine and keep your joints at tip-top condition.

So the next time you visit your chiropractor do consider asking for advise on exercising.



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