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Chiropractic Weight Loss

Chiropractic Weight Loss

Some of us are overweight. Our neighbouring country Malaysia has the highest obesity in the region. A common conversation during a meal in Singapore is about how to slim down and be healthy, following diets. There are many diets, which claim to be effective if followed. Japanese diet, Mediterranean diet, Eden’s diet, vegetarian diet; are some examples. Some of them even claim to be so easy to follow. There’s even products for diets.

Actually all diets are the same, they require that we eat certain things at certain times of the day. They say if the diets are followed closely, you would achieve the weight lost they claim. Well of course the diets work if you follow them closely. Then after you’ve gotten the shape you wanted, can you go back to having that 10-course dinner for your friend’s wedding? No. Can you enjoy eating at that Chinese New Year buffet which your family was looking forward to? No. The moment you stopping the discipline of the diet you put back on the weight.

Some diets also work to slim you down and even after you achieve the result, you continue to follow the diet only to find yourself putting on weight again. Why?

Yo-yo effect. Initially when you start on the diet your body’s metabolism is normal and you see results fast. Overtime the body changes, going into a survival mode and starts storing fats. So your body’s weight goes back to what it was and you start gaining weight. Your weight goes down, then it comes up. So you have to resort to an even more stringent diet causing further damage to your body.

So is there a solution?

Have you noticed that most baby cry at a certain time for milk and immediately when you put the bottle to their mouth they start drinking? They definitely can’t read the time to know when it’s lunch or dinner time. Then also at a certain point when they have drank enough milk, when you put the bottle to their mouth they don’t drink and turn their heads away from the bottle. Not wanting to finish the rest of the milk in the bottle.

Surprisingly they know when they are hungry and when they are full. For most of us, these feeling of hunger or fullness are delayed. Some of us only realise we have eaten too much when the pants we are wearing becomes too tight.

That’s where chiropractic comes in. By restoring the spine, the communication between the body and the brain is restored. Your body will be able to communicate feeling hungry or satiated when it is hungry or satiated.

Now when these feelings are restored another important practice would be to eat when you feel hungry and stop eating when you stop feeling hungry; not when you are full or when the plate is cleared. Eating according to the body’s need and not according to what time it is or whether any food is wasted.

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