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Importance of your spine

Importance of your spine

Imagine there’s a fire at your house. You run to the phone and call the emergency number. When you hear some one answering the phone you start franticly trying to say your address, that there’s a fire, that your relative is trapped in one of the rooms due to the fire and so on. When you finally try to make sense of what you think the operator is trying to say you get that it’s a recorded fuzzy message to inform you that the phone lines are not fully functional due to disrepair and until next week you’ll get to use the line for 15 minutes to use the phone line at an allotted time.

How would you like a phone service like that? If Singtel, M1 or Starhub offered you a phone line like that for free would you depend on it?

Did you know that your spine is primarily the phone service your organs use to inform the brain of an emergency or to handle basic need like removing toxins or pumping chemicals in to them to function at full capacity. This is besides the basic fact that our spine is the reason why we can walk, feel and even move.

What you also need to understand is that your spine connections (or wire) are extremely fragile. If a spine surgeon was operating on your spine and his hand holding the scalpel shakes just a little the difference could be that the day before you felt pain in your back and tomorrow your legs are paralyzed forever. Out of a million cases of back pain over 1,800 resulted in deaths from spine surgery. Now compare it to chiropractic where less than 1 per million resulted in a stroke.

In America alone, 80% will experience an episode of low back pain at some time in their lives, published on 9th Feb 2009 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine. Chiropractic is also being recognised as a form of treatment for back pain in some hospitals.

So similar to a phone line, when there is a major disruptions, it results in a costly disruption to both the phone user and the service provider, you don’t want a major disruption to your spine. You need a regular inspection and maintenance to this crucial part of your body. You require chiropractic care.

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