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Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day

Singapore celebrates Grandparents Day on 26th November 2017. Grandparents Day originates from America where the day is set-aside for the family to get-together, have a meal and an outing.


So what could you give your grandparents around that date? What about introducing them to chiropractic. Why you maybe asking. Well since the day we are born our spine is subjected to subluxation, spinal misalignments, yet what have we done to realign our spine? Please don’t count bending your back and twisting your neck as realigning. So due to constant misalignment, your back stiffens and loses its flexibility. A chiropractor besides treating you upon each of your visits, will also inform you of proper exercises to do for your back and neck. Then you may also ask why you should not seek other medical treatments. Lets look at these statistics:


Per million
Overall Risk of death from spine surgery: 1,800
Risk of serious side effects/death from cervical spine (neck) surgery 500
Risk of death from combined use of NSAIDS/aspirin: 153
Risk of death from Rx opioid pain medications: 53.6
Association between neck manipulation (chiropractic) and stroke: <1


So what about getting your parents started on chiropractic care. Don’t wait till the symptoms of back pain occur, it may prove more costly to treat. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure.


Is chiropractic expensive? Well just look at the offer below:



In celebration of Grandparents’ day on November 26th,
we are doing consultations, examination, report of findings, and the first treatment* all for $50 (worth$180)


This offer is available from now until 10th December 2017.


* Treatment eligibility applies.



Now during the consultation please be open in informing the chiropractor of all your parent’s medical conditions, you’ll be surprised to discover that many medical conditions can be treated by chiropractic care.


Happy Grandparents Day!



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